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12,80 EUR*
Details Harvard Business Manager 2/2010: Die besten Manager der Welt

Seiten: 112, Broschiert, manager magazin Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

54,68 EUR*
Details Breakthrough Business Negotiation: A Toolbox for Managers

Breakthrough Business Negotiation: A Toolbox for Managers

160,93 EUR*
Details Growing Your Business: A Handbook for Ambitious Owner-Managers

Growing Your Business helps owner/managers develop growth strategies for their businesses by providing frameworks, ideas, inspiration and hands-on assignments. Its contents are a distillation of the authors' knowledge and experience, which has...

60,36 EUR*
Details Practical Business Ethics for the Busy Manager

Seiten: 175, Ausgabe: 01, Taschenbuch, Prentice Hall

19,24 EUR*
Details How to Manage Your Time (Brilliant Business)

Seiten: 232, Ausgabe: 1st Revised edition, Taschenbuch, Pearson Education Limited

14,42 EUR*
Details Brilliant Checklists for Project Managers (Brilliant Business)

Seiten: 256, Ausgabe: 2 Rev ed., Taschenbuch, Pearson Education Limited

14,90 EUR*
Details Hase Busy Bunny mit Aktenkoffer Manager Business Büro

""Hase ""Busy"" aus Keramik schwarz/silber Höhe 14,5 cm Lieferumfang: 1 Stck.""

32,89 EUR*
Details Globalisation of Business: Theories and Strategies for Tomorrow's Managers

Seiten: 348, Ausgabe: New., Taschenbuch, Adonis & Abbey Publ Ltd

37,31 EUR*
Details Securing E-Business Systems: A Guide for Managers and Executives

Seiten: 224, Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, John Wiley & Sons Inc

15,30 EUR*
Details Work From Home: Make, manage, and market your online home business

Seiten: 134, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

28,99 EUR*
Details Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results

Make Talent Your Business (1 Volume Set) Despite considerable investment in resources and tools, many companies struggle to meet the demand for the talent they require. Make Talent Your Businessu201d gets to the heart of the matter: Managers themselves...

25,54 EUR*
Details Process Improvement Principles: A Concise Guide for Managers (Simio Business Productivity Series)

Seiten: 68, Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

50,49 EUR*
Details Ethics for Managers: Philosophical Foundations & Business Realities

This book examines issues relating to ethical decision-making in the managerial context. Managers are paid to oversee the work of others, and in the course of their work, they often make decisions that impact other people. This book is intended to help...

6,70 EUR*
Details Moving to E-business (DK Essential Managers)

""If you find moving to e-business anything but E-Z, you'll love this zippily formatted pocket-sized book that walks you through the entire transition to a customer-focused digital organization. You'll get essential information on developing and...